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Kimi Clark is a career stay at home mom turned writer and blogger for hire with a passion for business. She specializes in blog posts about writing and entrepreneurship, as well as all things parenting and motherhood.

What to do When You’re Feeling Stuck in Your Writing Career

How do you know when you’re on the right track in your writing career, the right track to success?

Is it when you have a few clients, a killer website, or you’ve made enough money?

But what if you’re feeling stuck in your writing career?

We give ourselves goals, and sometimes we set them so high that it feels like it will take forever to reach them.

Then, we get discouraged.

We pitch, write for our blog, write guest posts, keep up with social media, start a new project…and yet we feel like we’re going nowhere.

It happens to the best of us. It happened to me, too.

So what are we supposed to do when faced with a slow moving, seemingly stuck writing career?


Dream bigger

Bigger you say? But here I am dreaming small and I can’t get anything to happen, why on earth would I dream bigger?

Because maybe that’s what you’re made for. Maybe you’re not made for small…and that’s why it’s not working.

I’m a firm believer that we all have a purpose. And yes, it’s not always easy to figure out what that is. (Although some of you might have been born knowing it, for the majority of us it’s not like that.)

So if you’re not walking in your purpose, things aren’t going to keep moving ahead and working out because that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing.

Look around you. Think about what you love to do. Pray. Do you feel like you’re on the right track?

One of my favorite verses is ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’!

It’s okay to adjust your plans as you go along, alter them in some way, or even totally scrap them and start again.

Give it some thought.


Reach Out

You need help. Inspiration. Something!

Contacting a good friend, or even a casual acquaintance in the writing world, can help a ton when it comes to dealing with your feelings about where you are.

Chances are, you’ll see that you’re not the only one.

And while that might not help your writing career much, it will help your feelings of “What’s wrong with me?”

You’ll see that you’re not the only one struggling, and you might not feel so defeated and alone.


Think Outside of the Box

In fact, my advice would be this:

Burn the box!

The box doesn’t exist but inside your head.

The feelings that keep you from trying new things, from moving in a new direction.

It’s all meant to keep you down and get you stuck.

You don’t have to put up with that…not one bit!

There are tons of new ideas in your head, things you could try, people you could contact…new, fresh insight and a different way of doing things.

Apply for one of the writing jobs at essay writing services.  Writepaperforme or Ninjaessays may be a good starting point.

Let your imagination flow!

Sit and have a brainstorming session, (either by yourself or with a friend), and let the ideas fly.

What is it that you could try that you haven’t, yet?

Then, do that.


Keep giving it all you’ve got

This one might seem like a no brainer, but seriously, sometimes we don’t keep moving ahead and growing because we get lazy.

We feel defeated, so we aren’t really giving our writing career the attention it deserves.

We take a break. We Facebook, do housework, or watch some TV.

Which is fine, we all need breaks.

But they should be just that, a break…not a deterrent from our work that we should be doing.

So if you’re doing other things when you should be working, then it’s not a break, it’s a distraction.

Stop it! Stop it right now! (Ok just check Facebook ONE. MORE. TIME.)


Try these things when you’re feelings stuck and you’ll be on the right track in your writing career in no time!

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck? Let us know in the comments, as always, we’d love to hear from you!

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How Do You Get Past the Fear of Failure?

You’re afraid, nervous, fearful.

You know, that feeling you get in your gut when you think you don’t measure up, you’re not like everybody else, and you’re just not good enough.

Do you have what it takes?


Are you willing to put your work out there and possibly risk rejection, or worse….




How do you get past the fear of failure?

I mean actually beat it, conquer it and overcome it until it no longer has a hold on you?

While I don’t claim to be an expert in this area as I still struggle with this frequently, (weekly…daily…hourly…Ok so this very minute!), I have a few ideas that might help you get past that pesky nuisance that keeps us feeling weighed down and stuck in our tracks.


Decide what you’re afraid of.

So you’re afraid of failure.

But what exactly does that look like?

Are you afraid of your friends and family finding out if you don’t succeed at becoming a writer or launching your desired project?

Or do you think everyone on Facebook will be laughing at you if your articles aren’t good enough?

What exactly is it that makes your palms sweaty, your face flush and your heartbeat race?


Once you know, then think about this.


Figure out why you’re afraid of it.

Do you think if your friends and family doubt your abilities then maybe they’re right and you should just give up?

Are you worried that you’ll be the laughing stock of your circle of friends?


Figuring out your reason will bring you clarity by knowing what is truly behind your fear.


Then, do this.


Come up with one thing you can do that will put you a step closer to your goal.


Choose a task to work on, and then work on it until it’s complete.

Or you might share your latest blog post on Facebook.

Whatever it might be, do something!

Sometimes taking a step in the right direction, even just one small, tiny step, will get us moving and pushing past our fears.

As we step away from our fears it will also get us a step further away from failure!


The biggest cure for failure is action!


As much as taking action will allow us to step out and get past our fear of failure, it does something else as well.


It gives us confidence.


And confidence, in turn, gives us more reason to keep moving.

The better we feel about ourselves, our work, and the direction we’re headed, the more our fear diminishes.


But even though it diminishes, it usually doesn’t totally go away.


So now what?

Three simple words.


Do it afraid!


Taking action will help you overcome your fear of failure, but it won’t totally destroy it.


Fear, of anything, has a way of digging in its heels and taking up residency for the long haul.

We can feel fear, but we don’t have to act on it…we can choose how to respond, move forward and live.

We can choose to get to work and head toward our goals, one step at a time.


How do you get past the fear of failure?

By chasing your dream, doing your best work, giving it your all, and moving forward.

By doing it afraid.


Has there been a time in your life when you had to get past your fear and do it afraid? We’d love to hear from you, please leave us a comment below!

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Get Rid of the Need to Have all the Answers Once and for All

Why do we think we need to have all the answers?

Even when writing a blog post.

Like we need to have everything well thought out, researched, and all problems solved.


I say, B.S.


This idea that we need to be perfect, that we have to be totally in control, know everything, and have all the answers is what’s keeping some of us from stepping out, moving forward and reaching our full potential.


Writing, (and business, for that matter), isn’t just about giving someone all the facts.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be.

If you’re writing a tutorial on something, or if you do have extensive knowledge on a particular subject.

But it doesn’t have to be.


We can write to connect with others, to have a relationship with people.


In real life, do you know more than most of the people you have relationships with?

Does everyone always look to you for all the answers?


Maybe, but I’m guessing probably not.

So why should your writing be any different?


You don’t need to have all the answers to write a blog post.

You can fill it with questions, and either point people in the right direction to find the answers themselves, or even leave questions unanswered. (Hey, if you wind up finding out the answers you have a great follow up post!)


You don’t need to have all the answers to write a book.

Some of the greatest books are the ones that just make you think, or ask yourself the questions that you have to find answers to. (This usually includes a fair amount of soul searching.)


You don’t need to know about everything to be active on social media.

Heck, half of Facebook is just reposting other peoples content anyway. Sure, you want it to be relevant to your audience, but do you really think that only we can write the best stuff? (Hint: NO! There are some mega talented writers out there, so share their stuff!)


I believe in writing what you know, yes, but I also believe that you can write about what you don’t know. Or maybe something you want to know. Or that someone else knows. (Guest posting, anyone)?

Although writing takes thought, and work, and time, (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears..usually many, many tears!), we don’t have to obsess over it until it’s perfect.

Because it never will be.

And neither will we.


Our blogs don’t have to be the best written.

Or the most popular.

Our books don’t have to hit the best seller list.

Every piece that we write doesn’t have to be error free, and make perfect sense.


Perfection is an illusion, but a powerful one.

It can keep you stuck dead in your tracks, and keep you from becoming all that you can be.


We won’t ever have all the answers.

That’s ok.


Just be you.

Just be a writer.

Give of yourself.

Leave the world a better place than it used to be.


Make a difference in the life of someone.

Even one person.

Because maybe, just maybe, you might have an answer that someone needs.

And they’ll never get it if you don’t put yourself out there.


So don’t think you need to have all the answers.

Just write.


Do you feel the need to have all the answers? Tell me how you’re dealing with it, or how you’ve overcome it, in the comments. As always, I love to hear from you!

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Are You Really A Writer?

Let’s take the pressure off for a moment.

The pressure to write every day.

Feeling the pressure just makes me want to avoid it even more.

So am I really a writer?

Yes, yes I am.


Because I have decided to be one.

Not because I do everything right.

Not because I do what everyone else does

or do things the way they do.

But because I’m me.

I write.

It’s what I know.

It’s what I do.

It’s not perfect.

My grammar, words, and punctuation.

I don’t follow the ‘correct’ rules of writing.

But it’s OK.

I never did care for rules much anyway.

(Yes I’m that girl, the rule breaker!)

Not that writing everyday isn’t a good habit to get into.

It definitely is.

But if you feel pressured into writing every day,

then to me, it takes away from the joy.

I know we can’t always wait to be inspired

but if there is no joy in writing, then what’s the purpose?

You have to have joy in what you’re doing.

And freedom to do it when and how you want to.

Now I don’t mean if you have a client that you tell them you don’t feel like writing now so their material will be late.

But I mean if it’s your writing, for your website, business, journal, blog, or whatever…with your own self imposed deadlines,

Then you need to want to write.

Not forcefully.

Not because you feel guilty that you haven’t written.

Because I think it comes out in your writing.

If you’re writing for the sole purpose of saying ‘I wrote today’,

it will show,

and the world will know.

You have to have the desire to write.

It has to be because it’s what you’re choosing to do,

not because you feel like you have to…

because you don’t.

That being said,

if day after day you don’t feel like writing

and you choose not to,

then are you a writer?

Probably not.

because a writer will feel like writing and will want to write.

Not all the time.

Not every day.

But regularly.

So the key to being a writer is to write regularly.

Daily works for some.

Weekly works for others.

The best part of writing is the freedom that comes with it.

So if you’re writing because someone told you that you have to,

where’s the freedom in that?

You’re in charge of you,

of your writing,

of your life.

You decide if you write,

when you write,

and how you write.

You decide what to write about.

You make the choices based on what works best for you.

So if you think that you’re any less of a writer because you don’t write every day,

because you don’t keep up with the Jones’s, the current fad, the latest trend…

Then you’re wrong.

So are you really a writer?

Yes, yes you are.

You’re a writer because you write,

when, how and if you want to…

but you do write.

You show up,

do the work,

and love it.

Just because you don’t do it like everyone else

doesn’t mean you’re any less of a writer.

You’re really a writer,

and so am I.

Do you have a set time to write, write every day, or feel pressured to do so? I’d love to hear what works for you, let me know in the comments!

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5 Reasons You Should Write Every Day

As a follow up to the post 10 Reasons Not To Write, I thought it was equally important to showcase some of the reasons you should write every day.




Here are 5 reasons you should write every day:


1. Because you love it.

This sounds like a no brainer, but do you realize how many people actually do the things they love every day?

I’m afraid it would be less than you think.

Life seems to always get in the way.

We have to do all kinds of things that most of us probably aren’t crazy about…grocery shop, clean the house, yard work, eat. (Well ok, except for the eat part, you caught me there…I do love to eat!)

Writing every day, even with the best intentions, can tend to get put on the back burner with everything else there is to do.

I wish people would focus more on the things they love.

Yes, there will always be things we have to do…but in the end, you control your time and how you spend it.


Do more of what you love.


2. It lets you express your feelings.

Some people like to talk. (Guilty! Hey, I’m Italian, what can I say?)

For others, getting feelings out doesn’t come as easily.

Writing is a wonderful way to express the thoughts and emotions whirling around in your head.

Even when you’re a talker, there is still something therapeutic about getting your words out and on to paper, or screen.

Even if no one ever reads them but you, it’s ok…you still got them out instead of letting them fester inside of you.


Writing is the best form of therapy. And the cheapest.


3. It unleashes your creativity.

There’s nothing like being able to create something from nothing.

Seeing words that really say something on a page that was blank before is almost magical.

And knowing you put them there gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Just think of all the movies, plays, books, songs, and more that have been written by people… people just like you.


You have a story inside of you. It’s your job to share it with the world.


4. It creates a habit.

When you do something once, it’s an event.

Twice, a repeat.

A few times, a series.

Whenever the mood strikes you, a hobby.

But when you do it every day, whether you feel like it or not, it becomes a habit.


When you’re a writer, writing is a good habit to have.


5. Because you’re a writer.

If you’re writing for a living, then you have deadlines, even if they’re self imposed.

You will likely have people to answer to…clients, editors, blog owners, publishers.

And if you don’t and you totally run your own business, then you still have to answer to someone…your mortgage lender, utility provider, insurance agent, your stomach. (We all have to eat, right?)

And if you’re writing for the sheer love of it, that’s ok too…see number one above.


You’re a writer, and a writer writes.


I hope these 5 reasons you should write everyday have been helpful and encouraging to you as a writer.


Have reasons of your own? Please share them with us in the comments.

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Love, Fame, Or Money- What Is Your Why?

What is your why?

I mean, seriously, why are you a writer?

What are your dreams, your plans, where would you like to see your passion taking you?

We know writers write…or you should be anyway if you are indeed a writer.

(If you want to be a writer but you’re not writing, then you’re actually not a writer, you’re a waiter. So start writing so you can call yourself a writer already!)


But why do you write?

Is it purely for the love of words, because you just have to express yourself and create?

Is it the desire for fame, so people will love your work and you can make a name for yourself?

Or is it the need for money…..because, hey, after all, we all have bills to pay, right?


I’ve heard people try to give explanations of why you should write for this reason or that.

That if you don’t love the work, you’ll burn out.

That you shouldn’t worry about being popular.

That it shouldn’t be about the money.


While all of the above might be partially true, I don’t agree with them one hundred percent. Life is more complicated than that, it’s not necessarily a one sided, cut and dried, black or white point of view.


I think it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves what our why is.


And who says you have to have only one why?

Maybe you really do love the work, which hopefully is true to some degree. I can’t see a writer really succeeding who absolutely hates to write. But to say that it’s the most important thing in the world to you, that you’d be a lost soul without it, might be a bit extreme for some.

If you have a life filled with other positives, writing could indeed be just one of the things that makes you happy.


But who doesn’t want to see their work admired, appreciated, and respected?

Whether or not your goal is to be a household name or just get a few articles published, most of us want to see our writing out there.

If you’re strictly writing for yourself then that might not be the case, but you’d probably secretly like to see your work get recognized. 😉


Ah, then there is the money part.

Why is it that some die hard writers act as if you’ve crossed a line if you’re concerned with the financial aspect of writing?

Like it somehow ‘dirties up’ your work to be paid for it?

Again, while the love of writing is great, unless you’re so super wealthy that you can afford to just write, write, write, and never worry about paying bills, eating, or doing anything else, it’s fairly unrealistic to not be doing it for the money.

I didn’t say that has to be the only reason, but surely it’s one of them.


Who wouldn’t want to be paid well to do what you love, while having that work recognized?

Writing is a win/win/win situation! (Especially for those of us who aren’t cut out for a traditional job!)

You can be mindful of all three, because you’re a writer….you’re in control, and the choice is up to you.

Only you can decide what your why is.


What is your why? Share it with us in the comments!

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5 Ways to Get Inspired Now

We all get in slumps. It happens. I would even dare to say it’s normal…especially for us creative folk.

And sometimes it just takes time. Time to get through our troubles, time to figure things out.

But other times, we just need to give ourselves a kick in the pants and MOVE!


Here are a few simple ways you can pull yourself out of the pit and get inspired NOW!


Here are 5 Ways to Get Inspired Now


Read a good book

Notice I said, a good book, not just any book.

“Well how am I supposed to know if it’s good if I haven’t read it yet?”, you’re probably thinking.

True, you don’t. But look for books that have inspiring, motivational titles, and read the cover notes.

One of my favorites for inspiration is Norman Vincent Peale, I always put his books down feeling like I can take on the world and accomplish anything!


Watch a movie

Movies have a way of staying with us. Do you ever watch something, go to bed, then lie there and think about the story for awhile? (Or am I weird and the only one?)

A good movie can lift our spirits, especially a funny one.

Laughter is the best medicine they say, and it’s true…it’s really hard to stay in a slump and bogged down when you’re laughing.

Or movies about a real life scenario, someone overcoming the odds and emerging victorious. Seeing someone else have success always spurs me on and helps me to get inspired now.


Listen to Your Kind of Uplifting Music

Now I’m sure you noticed that I added ‘Your Kind’ and not just uplifting music, and the reason is probably obvious.

We all like different things. What’s uplifting to some might be downright boring to the rest of us, while what motivates you might seem like just loud noise to others.

Music has a way of reaching into our souls, and has the capacity to boost our spirits.

Just try it. Play your favorite songs for awhile and watch how motivated and inspired you get. (And feel free to have a solo dance party!)


Eat Your Favorite Food

Yes, I just told you to go against the advice of every weight loss professional out there and eat for emotional reasons.

But let me clarify: I’m not talking about eating everything in the pantry and consuming too much chocolate. (If there were such a thing as too much chocolate!)

I’m talking about a planning to go to your favorite restaurant, cook your favorite food, or making sure you have your favorite snack on hand.

Let’s face it…food is enjoyable. (For some of us more than others!)

Is this wrong? I don’t think so. Just as long as you’re using this as a once in awhile mood lifter and not making it a daily crutch.


Change Your Environment

Now I don’t mean move out and leave your family, quit your job (if you’re working), or any drastic measures like that.

What I do mean is to take a break.

If you’re at work, take off at lunch, even if it’s just to go for a walk.

If you’re at home, get out of the house. (If you have kids, then schedule a night out and leave them with your partner.)

Just get yourself out of your environment and into something different.

Although change is scary for some of us, a temporary change can actually create a mind shift that can help you get inspired.


Hopefully these 5 ways to get inspired now will help you if you find yourself uninspired.

How do you get inspired? I’d love to know…share with us in the comments.

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My 500 Word Challenge, History, and Encouragement for You

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a group on Facebook called My 500 Words. It’s a place to give accountability as well as encouragement, where writers commit to writing everyday so we can make a habit of it. (By the way, you can start anytime, and there is no pressure…if you miss a day, just continue the next. The folks there are super encouraging and nice!)

500 words doesn’t seem like much to write, but when you’re mind is racing between twenty different ideas and five million things that you need to get done in your ‘real’ life, it’s a lot.

I’ve always liked to write. When I was younger, it was purely for fun and because I loved it. I would write poems, stories, and even songs.

In school, creative writing assignments were my favorite. Anything that let my imagination soar to a different time and place. It was the one area that I felt like I was good at, that I exceeded in.

Even in college I looked forward to my writing class. It let me unleash my creativity and just be me, without having to do everything ‘by the book’.


Then…life happened.

Jobs, Marriage, Kids. Busyness. Living. Stress. Love.

It all happened…and all of a sudden, I didn’t have time to write. Other priorities took the forefront, and I forgot how much I loved putting pen to paper.

Fast forward 20 (or so) years. The kids are older, (or at least not in the baby stages anymore), and I’m searching…searching for something to do, to enjoy, to exceed in.

Something to earn a living that isn’t torture some. Something that makes me feel alive, like what I do matters, like I have something to give to the world.


I’ve tried many things. Selling at our local Saturday Market, running an online store, managing a local shop.

Some of it was fun. None of it lasted, nor was it successful.

Then I tried my hand at blogging…a few times. But although I loved the writing portion, I never did get all my ducks lined up in a row and found myself bouncing back and forth between ideas, only committing for a brief time and then getting sidetracked by the next great idea I had.


SO here I am, realizing that I have a love for two things…writing and business.

I’ve never felt confident about building a business because I’ve never done it successfully.

But why do we think we have to have huge success to do something? I mean, if we don’t do it, don’t go for it, we won’t ever be successful, right?

I’ve been studying online for years. I’ve taken courses, webinars, watched videos, listened to podcasts, and read books. I’ve followed more gurus, authors and business minded people than I can count.

And yet, I don’t think I know enough to really step out and do something.


Here’s the thing I’m realizing…

I might not know everything, (by the way, no one ever will),

but I know some things.

And if those ‘some things’ are things that someone else doesn’t yet know, then I can help them.

Even though I don’t have it all figured out.

Even if I haven’t yet built a wildly successful business. (YET!)


I have creativity and ideas that no one else has.

And even if someone else does, this creativity and these ideas are mine!

No one else can do things exactly the way I can.


Same with you.


Don’t be afraid to step out, to move forward.

To shine!

You have something in you that the world needs.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, business builder or entrepreneur, the world needs what you have!

No one can do it like you…you are unique, one of a kind.

Everyone has a history. Don’t let that stop you.


There might be someone in the world who is stuck, who is searching for what you have to offer.

Let them have it. Help them find it. Be brave enough to put it out there.

Screw perfect. Forget normal. They’re overrated.


Just show up!


Do the work, give it your best, and trust the outcome will be whatever it’s meant to be.


You can’t control the result, you can only control your effort.


So step into your future, it’s waiting for you.

And it looks bright.


If you’re interested in starting on your own 500 Word Challenge, you can join us on Facebook here:



I’d also love to hear about your history, how you got started writing and where you’re at now. See you in the comments!

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How to Beat the Fear of Making Decisions


Some people are better at making them than others. How do we know which road to take, which path to choose? Whether to go left or to go right?

It’s especially difficult when you’re talking about big, seemingly life altering decisions. Things that can really affect you and your family, and change the course of your life.

Having to make decisions can make you feel…well…stuck.

When you genuinely don’t know which way to go and what you’re supposed to do, it can get downright overwhelming.

Maybe some of you have been there.

Maybe you are there.


Is there something that can help us navigate this difficult task of decision making?

To spur us on to moving forward?

I can think of a few things.


How to Beat the Fear of Making Decisions



Ask God for revelation, to show you what to do.

The trouble with this is that we don’t always get an immediate answer, so if you’re like me, you think that He might not be listening. Or that He doesn’t care.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just because you haven’t received your answer yet, doesn’t mean God’s not listening.

It might not be the right time for you to get help. For whatever reason, maybe you need to just stay put awhile longer and think about things…think and pray.

Maybe God’s trying to get your attention, and if being indecisive and having trouble knowing what to do means that you STOP and ask Him for help, then maybe He’ll keep you there for awhile. At least until He’s sure that you’ve heard Him and are ready to move on in the right direction.

But you can be sure of this…He will answer. In His time, in His way.


Faith is the best things to help you overcome fear.


Ask for advice.

This one is a bit tricky.

First off, you need to be very careful whom you ask for advice. Make sure it’s a trusted friend or someone you know well.

Also make sure it’s someone who has the knowledge to actually give you advice.

What I mean by that is that if you’re asking someone for advice about something they’ve never done or had any experience with, what makes them able to give you knowledgeable advice on the subject?

See what I mean?

If you want to learn how to cook, you wouldn’t take lessons from someone who doesn’t cook!

Hearing about the thing you want to choose from someone who has been there, done that, will help alleviate your fears.

If they did it and survived, (and possibly succeeded,) then you can too.


Never take advice from someone who hasn’t done what you want to do, or hasn’t gone where you want to go.


Research your options.

The more we can know about an issue, the better.

It’s much easier to make decisions when you know fully about the direction in which you are to go.

Knowledge really does mean power. (Plus the more you know means hopefully you won’t be in for any pesky surprises once you’ve already started going down that road!)

It could make the decision easier for you to make if you uncover something you previously didn’t know, something that lets you know right away that that is not right for you.


We fear the unknown. So when you know more, you’ll fear less.


Step out and find out.

Sometimes when we’ve tried everything else and we still don’t know what we’re supposed to do, you have to just go for it and make a move!

Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

Staying stuck too long out of fear is only going to lead to more and more frustration. (Notice I said out of fear, which is different than being stuck because it’s where God wants you at the moment, like I mentioned previously.)

After awhile you might actually be afraid to move.

There’s nothing worse than being frozen with fear, it’s a terrible feeling.

Feeling stuck because you’re afraid you will make the wrong decision, afraid that you’ll let people down, afraid you’re not good enough, afraid you will fail.

There are two cures for fear…one that I already mentioned, faith, and the other is ACTION.

Step out in the direction that you think is best, and do your best.

If it winds up being the wrong direction, you can always readjust your course, or go back and start again.


It’s never too late to begin again.


I guess for some, maybe it’s easier.

Personally I was always the kid who couldn’t decide between two things, whether it was which candy bar I wanted or what flavor of Kool-Aid to drink, I always wanted both kinds!

That lack of decision making ability has really slowed me down in life. It’s kept me from reaching goals and becoming all that I was meant to be.

We let ourselves get overwhelmed with this whole decision making process. Believe me, I know.

I’m there right now myself.

So this post is just as much for myself as it is for you.

It’s a reminder that there are things I can do to move forward and make choices, and it’s encouragement to do so.

To step out in faith, and choose.

Even when fear is still present.


Sometimes you have to do it afraid.


I hope it’s encouraged you in some small way too.


If it has, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear where you are right now, as well as be encouraged that I’m not alone.

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Write What You Know, Even If It’s Painful!

Write what you know…that’s what they say.

But what if all you seem to know is pain, struggle, and disappointment?

Should you write about that? And would anyone want to read it?

Have you ever felt this way?


Have you just gotten to the point that nothing seems to work, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try?

I get tired of hearing people say, “Find a way to make things happen…stop feeling sorry for yourself!”

What if you’re really doing what you can, all that you know how to do, and it’s just not working?


Maybe there are things that are actually beyond your control operating here, and you’re doing your best to stay positive, stay on course and move forward.

People in general, but especially online, seem to live kind of a ‘fake’ life.

They only let you see what they want you to see, that part of their life that’s all put together nicely, wrapped up and topped with a little bow.

But I think we all have issues. Granted, some of ours are more challenging than others.

Even the millionaire you follow online is having issues too…they just might not be letting you see them.


Will people think less of you if you show that you’re human?

That you have problems, struggles, pain and disappointment?

Obviously people think that, or else there would be way more people online being real about their struggles.


I personally don’t believe it.


I think sharing your struggles makes you relatable.

It makes you understandable.

Even likeable.

It gives you a connection with people..people who are going through struggles, whether or not they are similar to yours or entirely different.


Struggle is struggle.

It’s real to the person who is going through it.


In my opinion, too many writers only focus on the positive.

Now I’m not saying that it’s not good to motivate people, even lift them up and help show them the way.


But what if that’s not where you are?


What if you’re not feeling positive?

What if you’re struggling, and don’t have it all together?

Should you not even bother to write until your life is put together all pretty again, with that big bow on top?


I say no.


Write anyway.

Go for it, and write from where you are.

Do you know why?


Because there might be someone else who is right where you are too, that you’re meant to reach.

People who are having difficulties often can’t listen to those who are not, who seem to have such a perfect life that nothing ever goes wrong.


Because we can’t relate.

We become bitter, envious.

We think, “How can they possibly know how I feel? Look at their life!”

We can’t relate with that person, and so we don’t connect with them.


My friends, even when you feel broken…

When you feel like everything is wrong with your life…

Maybe you’re having struggles with your health, with your family, or with money.

I understand, believe me.

And I have one thing I want to get through to you right now.

If you don’t take away anything else from this post, please remember this:


Keep writing.


Keep moving forward, and sharing what you have with the world.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t have to be all put together nicely, wrapped up with a little bow on top.

It can be raw, real, and human.

That’s what makes you relatable.

That’s what makes you understandable.

And makes people want to connect with you.

Seeing the truth, your truth.

Watching you be you, and live out your story,

No matter how imperfect it might appear.

It’s yours, don’t be afraid to live it.

Keep writing my friends.

Your time will come to shine.

Things will shift, even if it takes awhile.

They always do.

Believe it.

Go after it.

Be real.

And it will happen.

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