Are You Really A Writer?

Let’s take the pressure off for a moment.

The pressure to write every day.

Feeling the pressure just makes me want to avoid it even more.

So am I really a writer?

Yes, yes I am.


Because I have decided to be one.

Not because I do everything right.

Not because I do what everyone else does

or do things the way they do.

But because I’m me.

I write.

It’s what I know.

It’s what I do.

It’s not perfect.

My grammar, words, and punctuation.

I don’t follow the ‘correct’ rules of writing.

But it’s OK.

I never did care for rules much anyway.

(Yes I’m that girl, the rule breaker!)

Not that writing everyday isn’t a good habit to get into.

It definitely is.

But if you feel pressured into writing every day,

then to me, it takes away from the joy.

I know we can’t always wait to be inspired

but if there is no joy in writing, then what’s the purpose?

You have to have joy in what you’re doing.

And freedom to do it when and how you want to.

Now I don’t mean if you have a client that you tell them you don’t feel like writing now so their material will be late.

But I mean if it’s your writing, for your website, business, journal, blog, or whatever…with your own self imposed deadlines,

Then you need to want to write.

Not forcefully.

Not because you feel guilty that you haven’t written.

Because I think it comes out in your writing.

If you’re writing for the sole purpose of saying ‘I wrote today’,

it will show,

and the world will know.

You have to have the desire to write.

It has to be because it’s what you’re choosing to do,

not because you feel like you have to…

because you don’t.

That being said,

if day after day you don’t feel like writing

and you choose not to,

then are you a writer?

Probably not.

because a writer will feel like writing and will want to write.

Not all the time.

Not every day.

But regularly.

So the key to being a writer is to write regularly.

Daily works for some.

Weekly works for others.

The best part of writing is the freedom that comes with it.

So if you’re writing because someone told you that you have to,

where’s the freedom in that?

You’re in charge of you,

of your writing,

of your life.

You decide if you write,

when you write,

and how you write.

You decide what to write about.

You make the choices based on what works best for you.

So if you think that you’re any less of a writer because you don’t write every day,

because you don’t keep up with the Jones’s, the current fad, the latest trend…

Then you’re wrong.

So are you really a writer?

Yes, yes you are.

You’re a writer because you write,

when, how and if you want to…

but you do write.

You show up,

do the work,

and love it.

Just because you don’t do it like everyone else

doesn’t mean you’re any less of a writer.

You’re really a writer,

and so am I.

Do you have a set time to write, write every day, or feel pressured to do so? I’d love to hear what works for you, let me know in the comments!

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