5 Reasons You Should Write Every Day

As a follow up to the post 10 Reasons Not To Write, I thought it was equally important to showcase some of the reasons you should write every day.




Here are 5 reasons you should write every day:


1. Because you love it.

This sounds like a no brainer, but do you realize how many people actually do the things they love every day?

I’m afraid it would be less than you think.

Life seems to always get in the way.

We have to do all kinds of things that most of us probably aren’t crazy about…grocery shop, clean the house, yard work, eat. (Well ok, except for the eat part, you caught me there…I do love to eat!)

Writing every day, even with the best intentions, can tend to get put on the back burner with everything else there is to do.

I wish people would focus more on the things they love.

Yes, there will always be things we have to do…but in the end, you control your time and how you spend it.


Do more of what you love.


2. It lets you express your feelings.

Some people like to talk. (Guilty! Hey, I’m Italian, what can I say?)

For others, getting feelings out doesn’t come as easily.

Writing is a wonderful way to express the thoughts and emotions whirling around in your head.

Even when you’re a talker, there is still something therapeutic about getting your words out and on to paper, or screen.

Even if no one ever reads them but you, it’s ok…you still got them out instead of letting them fester inside of you.


Writing is the best form of therapy. And the cheapest.


3. It unleashes your creativity.

There’s nothing like being able to create something from nothing.

Seeing words that really say something on a page that was blank before is almost magical.

And knowing you put them there gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Just think of all the movies, plays, books, songs, and more that have been written by people… people just like you.


You have a story inside of you. It’s your job to share it with the world.


4. It creates a habit.

When you do something once, it’s an event.

Twice, a repeat.

A few times, a series.

Whenever the mood strikes you, a hobby.

But when you do it every day, whether you feel like it or not, it becomes a habit.


When you’re a writer, writing is a good habit to have.


5. Because you’re a writer.

If you’re writing for a living, then you have deadlines, even if they’re self imposed.

You will likely have people to answer to…clients, editors, blog owners, publishers.

And if you don’t and you totally run your own business, then you still have to answer to someone…your mortgage lender, utility provider, insurance agent, your stomach. (We all have to eat, right?)

And if you’re writing for the sheer love of it, that’s ok too…see number one above.


You’re a writer, and a writer writes.


I hope these 5 reasons you should write everyday have been helpful and encouraging to you as a writer.


Have reasons of your own? Please share them with us in the comments.

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