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My 500 Word Challenge, History, and Encouragement for You

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a group on Facebook called My 500 Words. It’s a place to give accountability as well as encouragement, where writers commit to writing everyday so we can make a habit of it. (By the way, you can start anytime, and there is no pressure…if you miss a day, just continue the next. The folks there are super encouraging and nice!)

500 words doesn’t seem like much to write, but when you’re mind is racing between twenty different ideas and five million things that you need to get done in your ‘real’ life, it’s a lot.

I’ve always liked to write. When I was younger, it was purely for fun and because I loved it. I would write poems, stories, and even songs.

In school, creative writing assignments were my favorite. Anything that let my imagination soar to a different time and place. It was the one area that I felt like I was good at, that I exceeded in.

Even in college I looked forward to my writing class. It let me unleash my creativity and just be me, without having to do everything ‘by the book’.


Then…life happened.

Jobs, Marriage, Kids. Busyness. Living. Stress. Love.

It all happened…and all of a sudden, I didn’t have time to write. Other priorities took the forefront, and I forgot how much I loved putting pen to paper.

Fast forward 20 (or so) years. The kids are older, (or at least not in the baby stages anymore), and I’m searching…searching for something to do, to enjoy, to exceed in.

Something to earn a living that isn’t torture some. Something that makes me feel alive, like what I do matters, like I have something to give to the world.


I’ve tried many things. Selling at our local Saturday Market, running an online store, managing a local shop.

Some of it was fun. None of it lasted, nor was it successful.

Then I tried my hand at blogging…a few times. But although I loved the writing portion, I never did get all my ducks lined up in a row and found myself bouncing back and forth between ideas, only committing for a brief time and then getting sidetracked by the next great idea I had.


SO here I am, realizing that I have a love for two things…writing and business.

I’ve never felt confident about building a business because I’ve never done it successfully.

But why do we think we have to have huge success to do something? I mean, if we don’t do it, don’t go for it, we won’t ever be successful, right?

I’ve been studying online for years. I’ve taken courses, webinars, watched videos, listened to podcasts, and read books. I’ve followed more gurus, authors and business minded people than I can count.

And yet, I don’t think I know enough to really step out and do something.


Here’s the thing I’m realizing…

I might not know everything, (by the way, no one ever will),

but I know some things.

And if those ‘some things’ are things that someone else doesn’t yet know, then I can help them.

Even though I don’t have it all figured out.

Even if I haven’t yet built a wildly successful business. (YET!)


I have creativity and ideas that no one else has.

And even if someone else does, this creativity and these ideas are mine!

No one else can do things exactly the way I can.


Same with you.


Don’t be afraid to step out, to move forward.

To shine!

You have something in you that the world needs.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, business builder or entrepreneur, the world needs what you have!

No one can do it like you…you are unique, one of a kind.

Everyone has a history. Don’t let that stop you.


There might be someone in the world who is stuck, who is searching for what you have to offer.

Let them have it. Help them find it. Be brave enough to put it out there.

Screw perfect. Forget normal. They’re overrated.


Just show up!


Do the work, give it your best, and trust the outcome will be whatever it’s meant to be.


You can’t control the result, you can only control your effort.


So step into your future, it’s waiting for you.

And it looks bright.


If you’re interested in starting on your own 500 Word Challenge, you can join us on Facebook here:



I’d also love to hear about your history, how you got started writing and where you’re at now. See you in the comments!

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How to Beat the Fear of Making Decisions


Some people are better at making them than others. How do we know which road to take, which path to choose? Whether to go left or to go right?

It’s especially difficult when you’re talking about big, seemingly life altering decisions. Things that can really affect you and your family, and change the course of your life.

Having to make decisions can make you feel…well…stuck.

When you genuinely don’t know which way to go and what you’re supposed to do, it can get downright overwhelming.

Maybe some of you have been there.

Maybe you are there.


Is there something that can help us navigate this difficult task of decision making?

To spur us on to moving forward?

I can think of a few things.


How to Beat the Fear of Making Decisions



Ask God for revelation, to show you what to do.

The trouble with this is that we don’t always get an immediate answer, so if you’re like me, you think that He might not be listening. Or that He doesn’t care.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just because you haven’t received your answer yet, doesn’t mean God’s not listening.

It might not be the right time for you to get help. For whatever reason, maybe you need to just stay put awhile longer and think about things…think and pray.

Maybe God’s trying to get your attention, and if being indecisive and having trouble knowing what to do means that you STOP and ask Him for help, then maybe He’ll keep you there for awhile. At least until He’s sure that you’ve heard Him and are ready to move on in the right direction.

But you can be sure of this…He will answer. In His time, in His way.


Faith is the best things to help you overcome fear.


Ask for advice.

This one is a bit tricky.

First off, you need to be very careful whom you ask for advice. Make sure it’s a trusted friend or someone you know well.

Also make sure it’s someone who has the knowledge to actually give you advice.

What I mean by that is that if you’re asking someone for advice about something they’ve never done or had any experience with, what makes them able to give you knowledgeable advice on the subject?

See what I mean?

If you want to learn how to cook, you wouldn’t take lessons from someone who doesn’t cook!

Hearing about the thing you want to choose from someone who has been there, done that, will help alleviate your fears.

If they did it and survived, (and possibly succeeded,) then you can too.


Never take advice from someone who hasn’t done what you want to do, or hasn’t gone where you want to go.


Research your options.

The more we can know about an issue, the better.

It’s much easier to make decisions when you know fully about the direction in which you are to go.

Knowledge really does mean power. (Plus the more you know means hopefully you won’t be in for any pesky surprises once you’ve already started going down that road!)

It could make the decision easier for you to make if you uncover something you previously didn’t know, something that lets you know right away that that is not right for you.


We fear the unknown. So when you know more, you’ll fear less.


Step out and find out.

Sometimes when we’ve tried everything else and we still don’t know what we’re supposed to do, you have to just go for it and make a move!

Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

Staying stuck too long out of fear is only going to lead to more and more frustration. (Notice I said out of fear, which is different than being stuck because it’s where God wants you at the moment, like I mentioned previously.)

After awhile you might actually be afraid to move.

There’s nothing worse than being frozen with fear, it’s a terrible feeling.

Feeling stuck because you’re afraid you will make the wrong decision, afraid that you’ll let people down, afraid you’re not good enough, afraid you will fail.

There are two cures for fear…one that I already mentioned, faith, and the other is ACTION.

Step out in the direction that you think is best, and do your best.

If it winds up being the wrong direction, you can always readjust your course, or go back and start again.


It’s never too late to begin again.


I guess for some, maybe it’s easier.

Personally I was always the kid who couldn’t decide between two things, whether it was which candy bar I wanted or what flavor of Kool-Aid to drink, I always wanted both kinds!

That lack of decision making ability has really slowed me down in life. It’s kept me from reaching goals and becoming all that I was meant to be.

We let ourselves get overwhelmed with this whole decision making process. Believe me, I know.

I’m there right now myself.

So this post is just as much for myself as it is for you.

It’s a reminder that there are things I can do to move forward and make choices, and it’s encouragement to do so.

To step out in faith, and choose.

Even when fear is still present.


Sometimes you have to do it afraid.


I hope it’s encouraged you in some small way too.


If it has, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear where you are right now, as well as be encouraged that I’m not alone.

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Write What You Know, Even If It’s Painful!

Write what you know…that’s what they say.

But what if all you seem to know is pain, struggle, and disappointment?

Should you write about that? And would anyone want to read it?

Have you ever felt this way?


Have you just gotten to the point that nothing seems to work, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try?

I get tired of hearing people say, “Find a way to make things happen…stop feeling sorry for yourself!”

What if you’re really doing what you can, all that you know how to do, and it’s just not working?


Maybe there are things that are actually beyond your control operating here, and you’re doing your best to stay positive, stay on course and move forward.

People in general, but especially online, seem to live kind of a ‘fake’ life.

They only let you see what they want you to see, that part of their life that’s all put together nicely, wrapped up and topped with a little bow.

But I think we all have issues. Granted, some of ours are more challenging than others.

Even the millionaire you follow online is having issues too…they just might not be letting you see them.


Will people think less of you if you show that you’re human?

That you have problems, struggles, pain and disappointment?

Obviously people think that, or else there would be way more people online being real about their struggles.


I personally don’t believe it.


I think sharing your struggles makes you relatable.

It makes you understandable.

Even likeable.

It gives you a connection with people..people who are going through struggles, whether or not they are similar to yours or entirely different.


Struggle is struggle.

It’s real to the person who is going through it.


In my opinion, too many writers only focus on the positive.

Now I’m not saying that it’s not good to motivate people, even lift them up and help show them the way.


But what if that’s not where you are?


What if you’re not feeling positive?

What if you’re struggling, and don’t have it all together?

Should you not even bother to write until your life is put together all pretty again, with that big bow on top?


I say no.


Write anyway.

Go for it, and write from where you are.

Do you know why?


Because there might be someone else who is right where you are too, that you’re meant to reach.

People who are having difficulties often can’t listen to those who are not, who seem to have such a perfect life that nothing ever goes wrong.


Because we can’t relate.

We become bitter, envious.

We think, “How can they possibly know how I feel? Look at their life!”

We can’t relate with that person, and so we don’t connect with them.


My friends, even when you feel broken…

When you feel like everything is wrong with your life…

Maybe you’re having struggles with your health, with your family, or with money.

I understand, believe me.

And I have one thing I want to get through to you right now.

If you don’t take away anything else from this post, please remember this:


Keep writing.


Keep moving forward, and sharing what you have with the world.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t have to be all put together nicely, wrapped up with a little bow on top.

It can be raw, real, and human.

That’s what makes you relatable.

That’s what makes you understandable.

And makes people want to connect with you.

Seeing the truth, your truth.

Watching you be you, and live out your story,

No matter how imperfect it might appear.

It’s yours, don’t be afraid to live it.

Keep writing my friends.

Your time will come to shine.

Things will shift, even if it takes awhile.

They always do.

Believe it.

Go after it.

Be real.

And it will happen.

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How To Handle A Client No Show and Writing In Your PJ’s

Yesterday I set up a meeting with a potential client. Ok, my first potential client…shhh, but don’t tell her that!

Although I am very truthful when talking to people about the fact that I’m still learning, no one wants to be the first at anything, ever!

So I get up early and attempt at confirming our appointment before driving the 17 miles to meet her.

After we had set the place and time, I hadn’t gotten an ‘official’ “See you then” from her.

Note: We were communicating through a Craigslist email address.

Second note: Craigslist email sucks.

Apparently an early morning email notifying me of her change in plans wasn’t sent to the email address I’d been using to communicate with her but was (of course) forwarded to the one I typically use for all my junk….um, other stuff…..and got lost in the shuffle.

Long story short, I’m up, dressed, at a coffee shop/bookstore seventeen miles away from my house on a Tuesday morning at 8:30. Who does that? I’ll tell you who….NOT ME! And the client doesn’t show. I finally find her email that actually tells me she won’t be showing and can we meet a couple hours later or reschedule. So I send an email, (ok, two), to let her know I’m fine with waiting around awhile.

No response. So I text. Nothing. I’m actually trying to get the appointment to work or I’m going to be upset, feeling like I’ve wasted not only my time but my gas and money (remember I had a coffee…a three dollar and seventy five cent coffee! Remember folks, I’m still a starving artist!)

I finally wound up leaving, disappointed and discouraged.

But it did get me to thinking a few things, one of them being that I couldn’t possibly handle being traditionally employed so I’d better make this writing gig really work for me. Unless you happen to know of a company who would allow me to come to work late morning, in my pajamas, and come home to shower, say, between noon and one.

Seriously, I’ve heard it said a million times before….even if you work at home, get up and dressed just as if you were going to the office. And it might work for some. But not all. Not for us rule breakers.

I work better, coffee in hand, in my PJ’s. I can get up, albeit not super early but early enough, and focus on my writing, before the day really begins. Then once the kids are off to school I can go back to working on stuff, all I need is another cup of Joe.

Once I hit the shower, for me there is a shift. I don’t know why, there just is. I’ve moved on from computer work to real life stuff….laundry, household chores, errands, etc. And once the kids come home, it’s dinner and family time.

Now I’m not saying that I never go back to working on stuff later on, I’m just saying that my best work and the time I seem to fully concentrate is in the morning before I get dressed.

Another thing I was thinking about, (other than I’m really glad the client didn’t show up the last minute before I left because by then I was kinda frustrated and fuming, I’m pretty sure I’d lost all my pitching mojo and likely wouldn’t have gotten the gig anyway), is that old saying that we decide how people treat us.

My time is valuable. So is my money. (What little I have of it…that’s what makes it so valuable. Can’t afford to waste it). As much as I wanted the job I had already decided that if it was meant to work out, it would, and if it didn’t then it wasn’t meant to be. That’s just how I roll. Pray about it, go for it, see what happens. (Unless I don’t feel led to ‘go for it’…that’s another post altogether, maybe some other time.)

Well when she didn’t show, I decided that I wouldn’t be doing this again. Sitting and waiting, wasting my time. I had made up my mind that even if she notified me and had a reasonable excuse, I wasn’t going to let myself be treated that way…it didn’t make me feel good, or valuable.

I did get a text from her with an apology and an explanation, and a request to meet again. I said yes, but this time, on my time, and in my town. I figured, what do I have to lose?

Wanna know what she said? Hint: It starts with a Y and ends with an ES.

The moral of my story…well, I think there are two. The first is that you really do decide how people treat you. I know when you’re just starting out you feel like you need to take any job, and bend over backwards and do anything to get it. Not so. Set your standards…how long you will wait, how you deal with people not showing and valuing your time or work. You are the boss, the decisions are all in your hands.

The second is do what works for you. Don’t think because you read about how so and so does this or that, that you have to follow in their footsteps. There is more than one road to success, and every person isn’t meant to take every road. If you like to get dressed up to tackle the day, then do it. And if you like to be comfy and stay in your PJ’s half the day, then do that.

(I say, Life is short. Live in PJ’s! But that’s just me.)

What works for you? I’d love to hear, leave a comment below and let me know. And if you had a time where a client didn’t show, how did you handle it?

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The Magic Fix For A Hopeless Writer

Do you ever have days where you feel hopeless?

Life is moving along, you’re doing the best that you can and actually think you’re making progress, then everything stops. You doubt your path, your abilities, yourself.


It happens to all of us at some point I think. Today, it’s happening to me.

As a mom of four, summer vacation is a busy time. Not so much because we have tons of activities planned, because….well….we just can’t afford to do tons of activities. (I’m a starving writer remember?)

But busy meaning…noisy. I love my kids and there’s nowhere in this world I’d rather be than home with them, but between the TV, music, loud playing and the fights, (not to mention the constant questions), it does make it difficult to find much quiet time to focus on writing.

I have been being faithful about getting up early, so I usually have a couple of hours before the kids wake up to get busy. But as a new writer, there’s so much to do! Finding what tasks to focus on, amidst my other duties as well, is proving to be more challenging than I anticipated.

I feel like I run out of time. Every day. And it discourages me, because I feel at this rate, I’ll never get anything off the ground.

That’s when the hopeless feeling starts to set in. The feeling that maybe all of this is just a big pipe dream…that I’m not ever going to get anywhere with my writing….that I’m not good enough.

Between writing, working on actually setting up my blog, attempting to do social media, (although I must say, feeling hopeless isn’t good while working on your social media), figuring out the ins and outs of an email list, contemplating what my opt in will be, continuing to take courses and webinars, reading, figuring out what my voice is and what I actually have to offer the world… you can see, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Not to mention my duties as a mom and actually seeking a ‘real job’ (oh how I hate that word!) that I can do to feed the fam until my writing career takes off.

Maybe you’re here too.

It’s hard to focus when you have so many things to focus on….so many things vying for your attention that NEED to be worked on, learned, figured out, played with, and have attention devoted to.

So what should you do…what do I do?

I write. I get up early, open up a blank document before I do anything else, (well except pour coffee…you got me there!), think, and then let the words flow.

Is it always planned and well organized? Nope. Not one of my strong points. (I used to be very well organized. I think it’s a law of nature that with each child you birth, you lose approximately twenty five percent of your organization abilities).

But I do it anyway. I do it for the practice, I do it so it will become a habit. I do it because it’s easier than figuring out all that other stuff….you know, the stuff I mentioned before, all vying for my attention.

I know that eventually I’ll have to focus on that other stuff, the business side of writing. But summer won’t last forever…the kids will be back in school, and I’ll have a little more quiet time to work on it.

For now, I write….. and because I do, I am a writer.

And when I write, I don’t feel quite so hopeless.

That’s where the magic is.

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A Letter To Jennifer Huston

Although I created this blog mainly to encourage and inspire writers, it’s also a place for me to share my story and the things that impact my life and possibly the lives of my readers as well. It is with a heavy heart and an honest desire to see something good come out of this tragedy that I share this post, with much respect and love to Jennifer’s family.

Introduction: Incase you don’t watch the news, Jennifer Huston was a mom of two young boys from Dundee, Oregon, who went missing after she told her husband she was heading out to run errands. Twelve days later, her body was found about twelve miles from where I live. She had committed suicide.
Her story has impacted me as well as many other people, both on a local and national level.

A Letter To Jennifer Huston

You don’t know me Jennifer, but I know you.

I know you because I, like many, many other mothers, could have been you.

I don’t know your whole story, only what I’ve seen in the media these last couple of weeks. And the last thing I want to do is to say something , anything, that might in any way put you in a negative light or hurt those that you loved who are left behind.


But I strongly believe that as a society, we are failing our mothers.

You obviously didn’t feel like you had any other options, or you surely would have taken them. If you would have had someone to confide in, talk, or reach out to, your story would have had a much different ending…possibly tears shed over a cup of coffee with a friend, fellow mom, or even a counselor.

This is not to judge the relationships you had with those around you, as I have no doubt that you were loved…that you are loved…I’m just stating the facts that you, for whatever reason, didn’t feel like you had a safe place to go to with your pain.


We all have issues. If you didn’t have them before you became a mom, you surely have them once you are one.

Whether you’ve dealt with depression your whole life, like I have, or whether it’s the common highs and lows of motherhood…the day to day stresses, struggles, joys and pains…we all need a soft place to fall, an ounce of compassion, to speak and to be heard. We need to feel like our voices count for something, that we matter.

We are the caretakers of the future, for goodness sake! Think about it….the future of the world could be changed by what we do, and how we raise these little humans that have been entrusted to us.

People don’t seem to get that.


That what we do is valuable, that it matters.

But along with that, the fact that we are not only mothers…we’re women.

We have hopes, dreams, needs, and desires. That we’re trying to make it in this crazy

world, and do what’s best for our family, our community, and lastly, ourselves.

See, we’re always last. That’s what mothers do. We sacrifice, we care, we give.

We put the needs of others ahead of our own. Always.

We do it because we love our kids, we do it because that’s our job, we do it because that’s what society expects of us.

We just aren’t supposed to complain. Or hurt. Or be dissatisfied. Or ask for help.

Oh God forbid, we ask for help.

But sometimes, we break.

We try until we can’t try anymore. Until we can’t see the forest through the trees. Until we think there is no hope.

Some of us break down, but thank God we have someone there, reaching out to us. Someone to help us get through our struggles and eventually get back on our feet, even if our walk is wobbly.

But you didn’t, Jennifer. You weren’t able to share, to cry, to get the support that

you so desperately needed.

And we can’t blame you. You were on your own path, that for whatever reason, led you to that place of desperation and despondency.

We failed you.


And now, things have to change…society has to change.

Instead of judging the mother with the screaming child in the grocery store, maybe offer to bag her groceries and carry them out for her.

Make time for that friend that has been trying to get together with you over coffee, but you’ve just been too busy to fit it into your schedule.

Offer to babysit for your neighbor who is a stay at home mom and with her kids 24/7.

And most of all, listen…really listen, to the mothers around you.

They could be extremely depressed, or just having a bad day…but they need to be heard.

And it’s our job to listen.

So I’m sorry Jennifer, that society failed you….that we failed you. And as a mom, I will try harder to make time for those other moms in my life, to talk to them and make sure I’m listening.

I will try to make sure that I have my own support system in place, for if and when I need it. Because I know I will.

And those of you reading this, you should too. Whether you are a mom or know a mom, make sure you are communicating …really talking, and really listening to each other.


If you feel bogged down by your problems, overwhelmed and discouraged, then think of Jennifer.

Please reach out to someone, and I pray that society will step up to the plate, and be there.

I pray we will, and that things will change.


Thanks to Jennifer.

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Can Rejection Really Make Us Happy?

I was recently rejected by a fellow blog owner.

Sure, her blog is a whole lot bigger and more successful than mine.

Still stings a little.

I submitted a guest pitch, truth be told, it was my first ever.

I was a little nervous but totally expecting rejection (you know what they say, you get what you’re expecting), so I was prepared for it.

But in the back of my mind I allowed myself to think about the what if’s. What if she liked it…cool! What if she published it on her blog? Wow, it might help me a lot. (Especially since I’d get paid!)

In the end she said it was similar to a post she just published, (which I think was her way of letting me down gently), and that she didn’t post a lot of general encouragement type posts without practical tips on how to break out of the pattern.

It got me to thinking, why do we try so hard for the approval of others?

I mean, what if people need to hear encouragement type posts, even without a clear roadmap of how to ‘get through’ or ‘get over’ things? (What worked for you might not work for them anyway!)

What if people just want to know they are not alone? That someone understands?

I know this whole blogging thing is built upon knowing that there’s a certain way of doing things to be successful, and one of those things is how you write.

But the rebel in me wants to say, “Screw it, I want to write about what I want to write about!”

No SEO, no having to stick to the technicalities of how to craft the perfect blog post, no fill in the blank headlines.

Why is it all about popularity and accolades? Why not the writing itself, or how the writing makes people feel?

Well that’s the beauty of having your own blog platform and working for yourself. You can decide what to write, how to say it, and what you think is good enough.

You can write for your audience, for people…not for approval of others, but to relate to them, and hopefully help them.

You might not win any awards, or be on the Forbes top 50 blogs list, or have tons of raving reviews, but you just might find your sweet spot.

The spot where you not only make a living, but make a difference.

So I say, write.

Write for yourself.

Write for your audience.

Write because you love it.

Write to help people.

Write to make a difference.

And if it gets you guest posting opportunities, great.

If it gets you the approval of others, fabulous.

If you score raving reviews, or get on Forbes top 50 list, I’m happy for you. (I hope you make a lot of money, too!)

But don’t write for those reasons.

Except for the money one.

Always write for money. (Just so you’re not writing contradictory to your beliefs. Hey, our kids have to eat too, right?).

But don’t sell out.

Don’t try to be a member of the cool kids club.

Don’t try to see how big you can get without keeping people at the heart of what you do.

Don’t worry about pleasing everyone, you won’t.

Don’t worry about keeping up with Mr. & Mrs. Jones.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Write to be you, and write so you can help someone else be themselves, too.

That’s where the passion is.

And for me, it’s where happiness lies.

How about you?

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Learning Schmerning…The Big Excuse

Do you ever feel so disconnected?

For example, I’m supposed to be writing regularly…every morning, in fact. Yet I sit here and stare at the blank page, and wonder if I have anything really worth saying…anything that anyone will want to read….anything that anyone will like.

It’s funny, I never really thought of myself as a people pleaser. I was kind of more the rebel…the black sheep of the family, the one who strayed from my group of friends to follow my own path.

And here I am, wondering if I can write anything worthy of reading….wondering if I’m good enough.

I never thought this writing thing would be so hard!

Trying to fit it into my already hectic life, and build a career at the same time I’m trying to figure out a way to make ends meet, is…well…overwhelming!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

What stops you dead in your tracks as a writer?

One thing I struggle with, other than the aforementioned not being good enough, is the feeling that I need to learn more before I get started.

Well, here we go again with the not being good enough!

But really, I’m always so stressed out because I sign up for blogging courses that I can’t keep up with…(ahem..lesson nine just arrived in my email, and I’m still on lesson one), I buy (or usually get for free) eBooks that I don’t read, and I have a bazillion emails sitting in my inbox that I know might just be the difference between me making it in this business or not. :/ I even looked for someone who will do my algebra homework.

I look around at what other writers are accomplishing and I feel worthless. I see their work and compare it to my own, and wonder if I even have what it takes.

Am I right? Can you relate?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

We think other people have all the answers, have it all figured out. Obviously they know what’s best for us, and what will work best in our business and life, right?

Why do we think that?!

Yes, it’s true that learning from others is a huge help, I agree.

But if that learning, or rather the stress to learn, is keeping you from actually DOING, then I don’t think it really is a good thing.

I think it’s an excuse.


Hey, I’m not judging here because I’m right there with ya…totally.

If we are letting the learning we think we need to do keep us from moving forward, then it’s no longer beneficial to us….it’ s actually hindering our progress.

I know there are many, many smart and successful people and writers out there who have tons of knowledge and the bank account to match…but here’s the thing.

Whether it’s the way you should progress in your writing, or the things you think you need to do business wise, things are always changing.

What worked for them might work for you too…or it might not.

Also, all these theories of what works and what doesn’t…who actually first tried them out to see? I mean, when you hear someone say ‘this is what you need to do as a writer’, well….who tried that first?

SOMEONE had to be first? Who says that you can’t do something totally different from the norm, and be the first one to realize that it works and that it’s the best way of doing something?

See what I’m trying to say?

You might be the one that discovers something, a process, a system, a way of doing things that really works well…maybe something that no one else is doing or teaching.

But that’s something you’ll never know if all you do is spend time learning from other people and no time working on your own stuff and forging your own path.

You are valuable, and have knowledge….probably more than you know.

And who knows…you might be the one who changes the world.

Whew…I needed that. How about you?

So what do you think about all this learning schmerning? Let me know in the comments.

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