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Positive Or Problem Filled Writers, Who Are You Drawn To?

People want to hear the good news. They want to be uplifted and be positive. Certain publications especially want stories of hope and faith, about how people have succeeded and overcome difficulty. But what if you’re not there yet? What if you’re still in a place of disappointment and discouragement, where all you can see.

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What Do You Wanna Do With Your Life?

Remember the 80’s? Whether your thing was Rock & Roll or Sesame Street at the time, you’ve most likely heard of the band Twisted Sister. Lead singer Dee Snider shot to super stardom with the infamous lyric from the bands song We’re Not Gonna Take It. The character playing his father would look straight.

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Today Is A Good Day

Today is a good day to be a writer Despite my circumstances…the lack of sleep I’ve had, sick children home today, extreme back pain, and a not so perfect plan for the future….it’s still a good day to be a writer. Today is a good day to kick fear to the curb The fear.

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5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur

We’ve all done it…made mistakes.

Sometimes its because we get in a hurry, are tired, or just being lazy. Or maybe you loose you’re focus…I know other people that loose there focus too.

Ouch. I’m far from perfect, but those sentences were painful to write. Talk about looking like an amateur.

These are a few basic grammar mistakes, but I actually see them quite a bit online…even from people who you think would know better.

Grammar Mistakes to watch out for:

It’s and Its.

While It’s is a contraction meaning it is or it has, Its indicates possession, e.g. The cat was playing with its toy.

Lose and loose.

Lose means you can’t find something, that you no longer have it,  while loose means something is too big or able to move about freely.

You can lose your pants if they’re too loose.

Your and You’re

Use your when something belongs to you, is of you, or is related to you.

When did you get your hair cut?

You’re is a contraction made up of the words you and are.

Are you sure you’re up for this adventure?

There, Their, and They’re

Use there when referring to a place or to indicate the existence of something.

There are many people who vacation in Hawaii.

Use their to show possession.

They purchased their tickets in advance.

They’re is a contraction of the words they and are.

They’re really looking forward to going.

Who and That

Who is only used when referring to people.

Who wants to go for a walk?

That is used in referring to objects and subjects, but can be used for people too.

Let’s go down that trail that we traveled yesterday.

There you have it, a few basic grammar mistakes that make you look like an amateur.

This is pretty basic stuff, just think of it as a reminder for those of you who already know better.

I’m sure there are much more that can be added to that list, but I’m no English expert, so I won’t be adding to it. But please feel free to add your own to the list in the comments, if you so desire. 🙂

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How Safe Are You From Being Dumped Because Of Your Writing?

You know what you want to do, what you were born to do.

But no one around you seems to know quite exactly what that means.

Nor do they care.

Sure, they see you up late at night, (or early morning, depending on your preference).

Working on your craft, your art, your livelihood.

Or at least someday you hope it will be.

But in the back of your mind, you wonder….

Do they really support me?

Do they really think I have what it takes?

Are they in this for the long haul?

I mean really, how safe ARE you from being dumped because of your writing?

Is your {insert here: husband, wife, significant other, dog} growing weary of playing second fiddle to your writing?

Are they jealous of all the late night/early morning time and effort you give to hone your craft?

Having a supportive partner in this journey sure does make it a whole lot easier.

But what if you don’t?

Does that mean that you give it up?

Well, would you give up your career in any other field for your partner?

If you were a doctor, would you give that up? Or maybe a teacher. Oh, I’ve got it….how about a rock star?

Would you change who you are and what you love to do to please someone else?

I sure hope your answer is no.

And the thing is…

You shouldn’t have to.

If your partner knows you very well then they know what writing means to you.

Yes, you might be just getting started.

You probably haven’t made any money yet, (if that’s your goal….never hurts though, even if it’s not).

And you’re most likely not published yet.

But you’re a writer.

You show up every day, and you put fingers to keyboard. (Or pen to paper, if you’re old school).

You have a vision…a goal….a dream.

You’re pursuing the life you were meant to lead.

Maybe it looks different than a ‘traditional’ job.

Sure, it’s a different way of living.

But it’s your way.

It’s what you’re called to do.

And if you have a partner who gets that…I mean, who really gets it….

Then you’re not in danger of being dumped because of your writing.

Besides…when you finally do make it,

When you ‘get there’, and achieve your dream,

They’ll certainly want to be by your side.

In fact, my guess is they’ll probably drive you to the bank. 🙂


So don’t worry about being dumped. Show up and write, writer…write!

And as always, enjoy your journey.

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