One Space, or Two?

Holy smokes! Someone get the oil can...

Do you use one space after a period, or two? Do you know which is correct? While scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I saw a post that said, “Nothing says over 40 like two spaces after a period.” Even though I’m not yet 35, it got my attention because I use two …

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Jump Start Your Freelance-Writing Career – Part 1


When starting your freelance-writing career, a lot of time is often wasted trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. Endless hours are spent inefficiently, and we all know that’s a death-knell for productivity and growth. It’s easy to spread yourself thin while getting involved in your target market’s community, commenting on others’ posts, …

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How Do You Get Past the Fear of Failure?


You’re afraid, nervous, fearful. You know, that feeling you get in your gut when you think you don’t measure up, you’re not like everybody else, and you’re just not good enough. Do you have what it takes?   Are you willing to put your work out there and possibly risk rejection, or worse….   FAILURE? …

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Are You Really A Writer?


Let’s take the pressure off for a moment. The pressure to write every day. Feeling the pressure just makes me want to avoid it even more. So am I really a writer? Yes, yes I am. Why? Because I have decided to be one. Not because I do everything right. Not because I do what …

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5 Reasons You Should Write Every Day


As a follow up to the post 10 Reasons Not To Write, I thought it was equally important to showcase some of the reasons you should write every day.       Here are 5 reasons you should write every day:   1. Because you love it. This sounds like a no brainer, but do …

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Love, Fame, Or Money- What Is Your Why?


What is your why? I mean, seriously, why are you a writer? What are your dreams, your plans, where would you like to see your passion taking you? We know writers write…or you should be anyway if you are indeed a writer. (If you want to be a writer but you’re not writing, then you’re …

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